5 years message from Carlton

5 years ago I was living in Burntwood, Staffordshire working out of my home garage, laying down the plans and the foundations to a dedicated befriending service for vulnerable adults. That time only felt like yesterday…

I cannot believe we have reached 5 years, I’m happy, proud and still very motivated by the work I and my team do every day. I have so many wonderful memories of past and present clients and I still enjoy meeting new clients for the first time. My natural instincts, to want to help or change a situation for the better is still my driving force… To help a person achieve goals/tasks that for most of us take for granted.

What I started in 2009 carries on today through my colleagues I have the pleasure of working with. From interviewing each of them to identifying skills they have that will complement the ethos of our services. I can honestly say hand on heart we are the best at putting our clients’ needs first. It hasn’t always been plain sailing… Every experience we encounter, any challenges we have dealt with have all been learning moments that we have embraced and use to improve our services.

Launching this month is the new website for HaywardBefriending, a lot of thought has been given to how all our services can be accessed through a shared home page with our sister company HaywardCare, a domiciliary agency and B-hive, a voluntary group offering social activities for vulnerable adults.

Happy 5th Anniversary

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