About Us

staff_august16HaywardBefriending works to alleviate the symptoms of loneliness and promote independence for supported adults both at home and in the community. Our services are available to anyone who feels that they would benefit from having a little extra support including (but certainly not limited to) elderly, physically impaired, learning disabilities and and mental health clients.

By offering a truly bespoke service we can cater to each of our client’s individual needs to give them a more enriched and engaging experience. We want our positive influence to continue even when our services have finished for the day, so we work closely with our clients building a relationship of trust and empowering them to make their own choices and decisions.

With our experience and legacy we fully recognise that our work is a team effort alongside our clients’ friends, family and carers and spend a considerable and equally important amount of time liaising with them, ensuring their satisfaction and giving them support when they need a break.

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Carlton Hayward – Founder / Director

calrton_profileHaywardBefriending was founded by Carlton Hayward as well as its sister organisation HaywardCare.

“I started HaywardBefriending after caring for a close friend, Ronald Morrell. After Ron’s wife passed away I saw how hard it was for him to adapt to life alone. As he got older I visited him throughout the week to help with his daily life as well as personal care. I found a passion for wanting the best possible quality-of-life for Ron and other people in his position. When he died in 2006 at the age of 88 I began voluntary work for Age Concern where my passion flourished. However I soon realised there was a need in the community for a dedicated befriending service that supported and empowered all supported adults – not just the elderly – to maintain an independent lifestyle.”