Support with Costs

coins-currency-investment-insuranceThere are a number of funding options for support services. You may already be aware of these if you have an existing care package through your social worker. There are certain benefits available to supportedĀ adults depending on personal circumstances.

If you are disabled, you may already be receiving a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) that can help with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill health or a disability if you’re age 16-64. Previously this was known as Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Another source of funding, if eligible, is Direct Payments. Direct payments are payments afforded to individuals who have been assessed by social services as needing financial support that enable them to choose their own support services.

Your first port of call should be your Local Authority/Social Services. They will, free of charge, assess your needs and your ability to pay for the services we offer. More information and support will be offered at the initial assessment visit.