Here’s a comprehensive list of the services we provide. Please also see our Accompanied Holidays service. Unfortunately we do not provide personal care services, however this is available from our sister company HaywardCarecontact us for more information.


Company at Home

Our most popular service as it can have the biggest impact on well-being. Companionship and conversation makes a real difference to our quality of life and provides social interaction and friendship.

This service can also provide the primary carer (partner, neighbour, friend or relative) the opportunity to take some time for themselves away from the care environment; leaving their loved one in our capable hands.

All-Night Service

Having one of our staff present in your home throughout the night is sometimes the extra safety and security needed to get a good night’s sleep.

Meal Preparations

Whether you require someone to cook for you, or just a reassuring guide to help cook for yourself, we can offer the assistance you need to ensure no important meals are ever missed.

Support with Paperwork & Correspondence

Sometimes people need support with writing letters, cards, completing forms etc. Government documents can be challenging for most people so we can provide support with these tasks – from helping to compose a letter to completing forms.

Handyperson Service

Maintenance of the home can become difficult if the upkeep is not done regularly, i.e. putting up curtains, changing light bulbs, replacing batteries, hanging pictures/mirrors etc. We can assist with these tasks or do these jobs on your behalf.

Shopping with/for You

Shopping with you
An opportunity to be more independent and feel part of the community. Whether for necessity/grocery shopping or casual, enjoyable shopping, we will accompany you -walking or driving you to and from the shops.

Shopping for you
To take away the hassle and stress of doing regular shopping, or for the occasions when you are feeling under the weather, we can shop on your behalf. You provide the list and we’ll do the rest.

Support with Housework

We can assist with cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom areas etc. If you are unable to participate we can do these tasks on your behalf, using your usual products. We can assist with washing and ironing. Our aim is to encourage and support you to do these tasks but if, for whatever reason, this has become too much for you, we can do them for you.


Relaxing outside can be therapeutic, but fighting the war on weeds and leaves can sometimes be a struggle. Let us help you maintain your garden, or maintain your garden on your behalf. If you need tools – we’ll bring those too!

Appointment Transportation

Getting to and from appointments can be a worry. HaywardBefriending can ease this by accompanying you to and from appointments. We will even wait with you, if required, and transport you home.

Hospital Visits

A service that is proudly unique to HaywardBefriending. In the unfortunate event that you are admitted to hospital, we’ll happily come visit you and keep you company until you are fully recovered and ready to come home.

Accompanied Outings

Maintaining involvement in the community or social gatherings is key to well-being. Whatever your hobby or interest, we can support you. Be it dancing, swimming, bingo or enjoying the theatre or cinema we will be more than happy to accompany you.


If fitness is important to you, let us help you continue to participate in your favourite activity. Whether it be a steady walk, making sure you get to your regular class or even accompany you at the gym.

Social Activities

Maintaining your involvement in your local community or favourite social group is as important to us as it is to you. Be it dancing, theatre, bingo, arts and crafts, cinema or anything else that’s your passion – we’ll be more than happy to accompany you.

Pet Service

HaywardBefriending can support you with looking after your family pet. We can walk your dog or stay in with your pet. We are also happy to support with arranging and accompanying you both to those important vet visits.

Computer Skills

These days, we communicate more and more via the Internet and e-mail. Our staff are able to assist, guide and teach basic computer skills, whether it’s browsing the internet, staying in touch with friends and family or supermarket
shopping online.